Consulting & Services

We are a Small Business Multi-Service offering a wide variety of services. Specializing in affordable alternatives to social management, marketing and Web Design.  We aid by saving the Small Businesses, Vendors and Startups the large costs for creating a digital presence  so they can effectively launch, advertise and market their business.

About Us

We're here to help!

Starting a business can be tough!

We specialize in aiding the Vendor and Tradesman accomplish their goal of starting a small business with minimal expense. We offer a variety of Services, Consulting & Training  to help businesses build market & maintain their brand.

Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups and Small Businesses are our target market and we assist them in, planning, establishing a digital presence, content creation and reaching new customers. 

We also help Individuals and Influencers with home organization, local & digital sales and more! 

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We're passionate about helping people with things they're passionate about. During your  consultation we want to hear about your goals and desires for your business. Our Consultations are not the normal "Let me Push my product on you" type of talk. We prefer to get to know you & your goals for your business and decide if we are a good fit for you. We want to help you grow your business and your Customer base at your level of comfort and expense.